Aélise is a quite normal High Elf. She does magic, without having a great power, but she can do some powerful spells, with a bit of time. She knows how to change a bit her appearance, for example. She sometimes make small potions, that she tries on herself for the most part. But lately, she tends to do other things than that.

She is a rather submissive girl. She rarely take the dominant role, as well as the top role. She seems playful, joyful and tends to be in an happy-go-lucky mood. Her professional life isn't well developed. She takes sometimes the role of a maid in a house or two, and do some little works here and there.

Physical Description

Aélise is an High Elf. Here face is a pleasant view to see, her features seems a bit young, but matures, well defined and generous cheeks, a bit hooked nose, with a nice and round slope, and a nice little and round nose tip. Her forehead is a bit flat and high. Her eyebrows are a bit thin and well shaped, colorod in a light chestnut brown. Her eyes are made of a sky blue color, bright and a bit luminous, like the most part of her race, and they're shaped like two blue almonds. Under them and her nose, her mouth can be found, smiling most of the time, her lips being a bit full, and her chin is thin and round. Her skin is of a beautiful peach color, whith some impurities here and there, and light freckles on her nose and upper cheeks.

Her body His body meanwhile was rather thin. Not doing a lot of exercise, she doesn't have a well developed musculature. But she isn't overweight: she does not have the skin and bones, her figure being rather generous. Her arms do not seem very sturdy, her shoulders aren't very wide either. Her breasts are rather generous, well-rounded, with a size slightly larger than the average of the Elves, but remain in proportions to her figure. Her belly is flat, without showing her ribs and not so much of her pelvis bone. Her hips are round, rather wide, with thighs slightly bigger than you could expect from her, the long walks she does from time to time being the cause of it. And between them is her womanhood : a small pink slit, topped with a light blond and well maintained bush which covers only her pubis. Below are her calves, and finally her feet, thin, which she usually wears sandals over them.

She doesn't wear any jewelry, nor makeup. And she also doesn't have any tattoos, her body being natural, for the most part.



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